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Sales teams are reaching more prospects, but need to qualify leads better.

Average new contacts up 20 percent. Average sales calls down 19 percent while sales emails up 56 percent.


Sales teams need to refocus on identifying quality leads with personalized outreach. The average number of contacts added to databases has increased 20% since pre-COVID levels. Concurrently, email prospecting has far surpassed call prospecting indicating sales teams are relying too heavily email marketing to poor-fit prospects. Sales needs to realign with marketing to not only qualify right fit prospects but also connect on the phone.

Total sales emails sent and response rate


Encourage your team to lead with empathy and consultation when calling, rather than hard selling. Over time, sales teams will need to return to calling more and emailing less to qualify leads better and ensure effective outreach.

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About the Data Data from 70,000 HubSpot customers globally Weekly trend data for changes during and after March 11, 2020 Pre-COVID benchmarks calculated using weekly averages from January 13, 2020 to March 9, 2020